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5G Mobile Computer with large&bright displays, easy-to-hold&light-weight design and latest technology

Industry-leading 6-inch advanced display Get the largest, highest resolution and brightest display in this product class.

Faster with the latest CPU & Operating Systems

Adopting Qualcomm Snapdragon™ QC4490 octa-core and the Android 13, which is upgradeable to the latest Android 17, S20 response in a very short time. It reduces the screen time of the device, enhancing the work efficiency of users. QC4490 of S20 also offers approximately 50% faster data processing speed than devices of other companies.

Perfect match for any-sized business

S20 is an economically perfect match for any-sized business, yet has a rugged device with an ergonomic design. It is lighter & almost 20% thinner than competitors. Since the S20 has a bright, big 6-inch FHD+ display, users can see the display everywhere, even in bright sunlight. It also supports 5G, providing not only fast speed but also high location accuracy.

Stable Durability for long-term use — Enhanced Tumble Specification

The durability of S20 is reliable, and it has improved tumble qualification for longevility. If you drop it from a height of 1.5m / 5ft, or drop it 550 times from a height of 0.5m / 1.6ft, it still works. S20 applied Gorilla Glass on the Touch Pannel and Imager.

Also, S20 is designed to be more comfortable & secure while thinner than devices of other companies.

Expandable Range Scanning including Short Range RFID

The standard range scanner, SE4710, allows quick and easy scanning of barcodes, documents, and labels in any condition (damaged, dirty or bad-printed). In particular, S20 has a Short Range RFID SKU, which supports the HF550X RFID use case. Users don’t have to purchase an additional RFID sled for RFID functionalities. It can choose the options - SE4100/SE4720 standard Scan Engine / SE55 Advanced Range.

Expendable, Long Lasting Battery with Hot Swap

S20 has a stable& long-lasting 4,000mAh standard battery, and users can choose an optional extended battery, up to 6,000mAh. Users can utilize S20 for a longer time than the devices of companies.

To support consecutive operational use cases, the batteries of S20 support hot swap, too.