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MI 80mm Kitchen Cloud Printer 

One printer for online and offline orders.

Triple Protection for a Kitchen Harsh Environment
IP52 and bug-proof. Prevent printer damage caused by water dripping, dust and bugs. Easy-to-clean ABS* oleophobic coating.

No More Missed Orders
Anticipate any network problems thanks to the built-in network test tool and get a printed report printout. Automatically printing pending orders after a network outage or out of paper ensures no more missed orders.

Adapted to Your Business
The printer can remind users to pick up printouts and paper jams. Human  voice output supports a variety of languages (English, Mandarin and many  more), and the voice output can be customized for a better user experience .

Large Capacity, Faster Printing

Support 80mm width x Φ80mm rolls. The print speed has been increased to up to 250mm/s. Get tickets quickly, reduce wait times, even at peak hours.

Multiple Languages Supported
The built-in global vector font library supports multi-language mixed printing, which supports zoom without impacting readability. The fine print mode has been added to improve readability when using small print .

New Configuration for a Performance Boost

The leap in performance gives you the ability to smoothly switch between multi-apps and power up your business. Android 11 OS further enhanced

device's security and integration with other systems.


“This printer drives our kitchen efficiency. Desktop or wall-mounted, it can immediately print the orders received from the counter, giving us more time on what we care the most — cooking. A kitchen is usually greasy, but the printer is very easy to clean.”

Restaurant Cashier

“Online ordering is here to stay. Guests prefer to order using their cellphone tableside or at home, and this cloud printer will quickly print the orders received. It saves us a lot of time on order taking, even at peak hours.”

Restaurant Manager

“This cloud printer also works well with our POS terminal. It can print 80mm wide big tickets, print in different languages, and it always delivers high-quality prints. Besides, it supports multiple ways for us not to miss any orders.”