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SUNMI V2s Smart Mobile Terminal - Standard / Label & NFC / Label & Scanner / GMS / Industry Tailored Verisons

As SUNMI’s first smart terminal with SUNMI OS based on Android 11, V2s is equipped with an upgraded quad-core 2.0GHz CPU and 2G RAM +16G ROM memory and demonstrates enhanced operating speed.
The built-in 3500mAh removable battery enables a smooth and long-lasting experience.

Ticket and Label Printing
Dual printing for ticket and label printing, with SUNMI's label position auto-detection algorithm for a more accurate printing. A new movable fixator has been designed to enhance paper roll installation and make it more stable.

Boost Your Business Abilities

Queuing management, ordering, online order taking, checkout or loyalty management, V2s is the device which can support them all. The large capacity battery ensures continuous operations through an entire shift so you can carry out your work efficiently.

2D Scan Engine

Upgraded to a professional 2D scan engine, to read 1D/2D barcodes even if scratched, folded or stained.

Strenghtened Protection

Rubber seals added to the edges of the paper bin, charging port, and earphone port help prevent water, oil and dirt damages. Even in a restaurant with a lot of oily smoke and water stains, it can protect the device for continuous and stable operations.

Intelligent Battery Management Chip for Extended Battery Life

The built-in intelligent chip is equipped with SUNMI's algorithm, capable of learning how intensive a user utilizes the battery, and provide customers with optimal charging capacity, preventing overcharging to protect the battery and extend battery life. Reinforced protection to resist 1.2m drop upgraded from 1.0m.

Extended Interfaces and Fiscal Compliance

To answer industry specific requirements, I2C, UART and USB hardware interfaces have been added. An application module card slot, protected by a dedicated cover is also built-in to comply with certain fiscal regulations.


Membership management, and more. *Both Label & NFC, and Label & Scanner versions support NFC reading.