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SUNMI L2Ks Smart Mobile Terminal

Android 11 OS, CPU Octa-core processor,4GB RAM+32GB ROM, 4"HD, 800x480  Capacitive IPS Touch Screen, IP68.

Logistics & Parcel Sorting

Digitalize your sorting work — just use L2Ks to scan the moving parcel barcodes on the conveyor belts and get the parcel information displayed on the screen, and the high volume sound and vibration after each scan won’t let you miss any parcel. The built-in 5000mAh battery and its lightweight and ergonomic features give your effortless UX even for a long time.

Warehousing & Stock Taking

Enhance your inventory efficiency with L2Ks. Still facing the tedious work of calculating ins and outs of various items? Use L2Ks to scan item barcodes in milliseconds to get the item name, inventory level and shelf number, etc. It also is durable, rugged, dust proof and features a high IP rating.

Grocery & Item Picking

L2Ks makes your picking work easy. Pickers can do item lookup and scan to fulfill the online orders with L2Ks, and the usually-hard-to-read barcodes and the harsh environment common in fresh food markets bring no troubles to the rugged L2Ks with a powerful scanner.

Ergonomic and Lightweight

  • Thinner, lighter, one-hand operable.
  • Optimized Button Designs
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • L2Ks also adopts a slim waist, therefore you can hold it firmly yet comfortably.
  • An NFC module has been designed for easy tag-and-go price adjustment, ID card and membership card recognition and more.
  • Professional Scan Engine - Fast, Accurate, Long Reach, Reliable
  • Quickly read scratched, stained, crinkled barcodes or barcodes under plastic wrap.
  • Accurately read the usually hard-to-read high precision barcodes and some special barcodes (such as DPM barcodes).
  • Better Protection Ratings, IP68 Protected against the effects of temporary immersion under 1.2m water.
  • Waterproof enough for seafood market use. 1.8m drop spec, better than the drop spec 1.5m* common in the industry.
  • Tumble testing, L2Ks has passed 3000 times 0.5m tumble testing, which is 3 times the industry level*. Rugged and durable enough for daily use.
  • Triple Battery Protections, First ATL large-capacity battery, safe and durable. SUNMI intelligent battery management. A reserve battery has been added to L2Ks to reduce downtime when changing the big battery.