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Compact and Lightweight label Printer yet capable to handle the most complex formats! 

  • Rapid graphic printing at up to 5.9ips. (152 mm/sec)
  • Small footprint and height of 4.8”(123mm)  to help easily fit on the desktop.
  • Flexible handling of various types of media:
  • Thermal Roll Label and Thermal Fanfold Label
High compatibility

  • Fully Compatible with ZPLⅡ, EPLⅡ  emulation.
  • Communication with other device via
  •  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 class and cable.
  • Easy-to-use label design software  “Label cooker” 

Easy to use and maintenance

  • Easily adjust printing density without access to a computer.
  • Simple and easy replacement of  components by removing a screw.
  • A mechanism available for various kiosk applications.
  • Optional High-performance Auto-cutter, external paper supply.

Key Feature

  • Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer
  • Rapid graphic printing at 127mm/sec
  • Flexible handling of various types of media
  • Thermal Fanfold Label
  • Thermal Roll Label
  • Jog Dial which user can adjust printing density without access to a computer.
  • Enhanced user convenience with Auto-Cutter(Optional)


• METHOD : Direct Thermal

• SPEED : 220mm/sec

• WIDTH : 72mm(512 Dots/Line)


• DIRECTION : Unidirectional with Friction Feed


• TYPE: Thermal Receipt Paper

• WIDTH : 80 mm

• THICKNESS : 0.06 ~ 0.09 mm

• ROLL DIAMETER : Max. Ø 83.0 mm

• ROLL CORE INNER DIAMETER : 12.5 mm ± 0.5 mm



* USB(B type)+ Ethernet

* USB(B type)+ Serial(RS-232C)+Wi-Fi(802.11 a/b/g/n) or Bluetooth(iOS)