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Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon will empower your work

Qualcomm 1.8GHz Octa-core clock speed and 3GB/32GB Memory. Having 4G LTE, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.1 BLDE, GPS and Camera bus interface.

Google Android 11 GMS certified (Google Mobile Services) 

PM67 runs on Google's latest Android 11 Operating System and it is certified by Google Mobile Services (GMS) to support all Google official API including Google Play and Google Maps.

Wider & Brighter IPS display provides better visibility

PM67 adopts 4.3" IPS panel TFT-LCD with capacitive touch screen and it supports wide-viewing angle and daylight readability in order to maximize the best performance in the out-field. To support harsh environment, top of screen is protected Corning Gorilla Glass tempered glass.

Physical Numeric keys with keypad back-light towards field-work-forces

More and more field-workers requires smartphone-like features in the field, but still fast & accurate input is very critical in terms of productivity, users prefer physical keys instead of touch-based virtual keypad on the screen.

Along with keypad at the bottom of 4.3inch screen, PM67 is still light, slim, relatively small form factor against conventional ‘brick-style’ mobile computers. Each key is wide and big enough for users to input data firmly, fast and accurately. LED back-lit keypad powers ease to work at night and dimmed-light area anywhere.

Powerful Wireless; 4G LTE & IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/d/h/i/r and Bluetooth 5.1 BLE

As of Enterprise mobility purposes, PM66 is completely tuned for Enterprise work-forces; smooth hand-over between WWAN and WLAN each other, seamless roaming among many routers & access points in the harsh working environment, because Enterprise users prior seamless connectivity to speed. PM66’s 4G LTE category 4 is truly designed for covering all worldwide including Europe and United States.

Newest Bluetooth Low Energy supports dramatic low power consumption and 3x faster speed than previous Bluetooth version, which specification is getting more critical at location-based solutions like Beacon.

Fully-rugged and versatile for outfield & warehouse/logistic applications

PM67 is slim and light design but still fully-rugged design with IP67 water/dust proof and 1.5meter multi-drop resistant on concrete. PM67 has various configurations, such as full 4G/LTE version for outfield and at the same time, Wi-Fi-only version for warehouse/logistic applications. For Wi-Fi-only models can be docked with a gun-shaped scan-trigger handle, therefore, it is optimized for scan-intensive applications in warehouses.