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Data capture safely under control

A handheld terminal using an Android platform with ergonomically optimized details and 30 hours of continuous operation.

This android barcode scanner creates relief for all: Users benefit from ergonomically optimized details, a bright 3.2-inch LCD display and 30 hours of continuous operation. Thanks to Android 8.1, developers can easily find third-party apps or create their own applications. Depending on the model, the device is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera, NFC technology, and LTE. IP67 and 3-meter drop resistance make the terminal fit for use under tough conditions, for example, in transport, shipping, and warehouse logistics.

The Device at a Glance

Open for anything:barcode scanner with Android 8.1 operating system

Ergonomic: Optimized grip and weight distribution

Easy to read: Bright 3.2-inch LCD display

Long-lasting: Battery power of 30 hours continuous operation

Connected: Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, NFC

Robust: Protection class IP67, drop-resistant up to 3 meters

Ergonomic handling makes working more pleasant

Thanks to a rubberized surface and optimum weight distribution, the CASIO DT-X400 always sits comfortably in the hand. In addition, the barcode scanner with android operating system is angled at 25 degrees. This makes it easier to read the display of the mobile data terminal when scanning. 4 trigger buttons make it possible to trigger the scanner in any position and posture. 

Intuitive operation makes working more efficient

Small details ensure that working with the CASIO DT-X400 is easy. Such as the bright 3.2-inch LCD display of the barcode scanner with android operating software which can be read even in bright sunshine and has a resistive touch panel for input with a pen or glove. Freely assignable function keys can be used to store frequently used functions, and the optional camera is installed directly next to the scanner of this mobile data terminal in order to keep the usual handling.

Lasts the whole day with you, everywhere

The CASIO DT-X400 barcode scanner with android operating software is ideally suited for the tough everyday work of the warehouse and logistics sector. In accordance with its IP67 protection class, dust and water stand no chance. The terminal also takes no damage when dropping from shelves of up to 3-meters-high. And thanks to high-quality batteries and an efficient electronic architecture, a continuous operating time of 30 hours is possible.

Communication modules for outstanding connectivity

The CASIO DT-X400 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and can be coupled with a headset. In addition to the standard W-LAN module, a W-WAN module (LTE) is also available for real-time communication outside buildings and GPS for position determination. Optional Near Field Communication (NFC) completes the equipment of this barcode scanner with android operating software.

With Android 8.1, the terminal is ready for any application.

A Qualcomm 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor and 2GB of RAM make the CASIO DT-X400 fit for any industrial application. The state-of-the-art Android 8.1 operating system of this mobile data terminal not only opens up a wide range of existing third-party applications, it also makes it easier for developers to create their own tailor-made apps.