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A slim and robust smart device as a professional alternative for conventional smartphones

TET-L10 is a full-fledged mobile data capturing device with CMOS imager and three integrated trigger keys for scanning and reading barcodes within seconds. Thanks to the Android™ operating system, its sleek, compact design, and a 5.7-inch full-touch display, it is just as versatile and intuitive to use as a smartphone. However, with IP65 and 1.5-meter drop protection onto concrete, the mobile computer is much more robust than a conventional smartphone and therefore ideally suited for use in retail and field service.

The Device at a Glance

Intuitive: Rugged Smart Device with Android™ 9 operating system

Easy to view: Large 5.7-inch full-touch display

Professional: Build-in 1D/2D barcode scanner

Good-looking: Slim design with the look of a smartphone

Portable: Extra flat and very lightweight

Communicative: Bluetooth®, WLAN (WIFI), WWAN, NFC

Resistant: Protection class IP65, drop-resistant up to 1.5 meters onto concrete

Android™ means: intuitive operability

Android™ 9 is another factor that makes the transition from conventional smartphones to a mobile computer easy. The state-of-the-art operating system not only ensures intuitive operability, but it also allows easy development or modification of customer-specific apps. 2 GB of RAM and a 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Octa Core processor provide more than enough power.

More ruggedness means: higher availability

Its design is reminiscent of a smartphone, but its toughness makes it impossible to compare. Due to its robust construction, the Casio ET-L10 has a lot to offer and doesn’t shy away from hard work. The professional mobile computer is dust- and waterproof according to IP65 and drop-resistant up to 1.5 meters onto concrete, making it ideally suited for demanding use in the retail sector or the field.

More screen means: having all the data at a glance

An eye-catching highlight: the large 5.7-inch full-touch display. With a screen in the trendy 18:9 format, the Casio ET-L10 can not only compete aesthetically with modern smartphones, but it also makes professional work easier. The larger display allows important information to be viewed at a glance, without scrolling or tapping.

Sleek design means: easy handling

Good looks are one thing, but the design of the Casio ET-L10 harbors another unbeatable advantage: portability. Thanks to its slim 15.5 mm shape and low weight of only approximately 240 g, the device is easy to handle in everyday working life, even over long periods. When comparing Casio devices, the ET-L10 is the slimmest and lightest mobile computer.

Casio hardware means: professionally applicable

The Casio ET-L10 combines the convenience of a smartphone with the advantages of a full-fledged mobile computer. A total of three trigger keys, a CMOS imager, and NFC availability make the device ready for professional applications. A 13-megapixel camera, USB, Bluetooth®, WIFI, and mobile connectivity are also part of the mobile computer's equipment.