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Choose your technology 1D laser, 2D imager, HF/NFC or UHF RFID

 Main features

  • Powerful and fast performance
  • Industrial grade 1GHz processor
  • Choose your preferred OS
  • Windows: CE6, Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional of Classic
  • Designed for toughest environments
  • IP65 sealing and 1.5m drop specification
  • Suitable for any mobile worker*
  •  PS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3.75G connectivity
  • Various data reading options*
  • 1D laser, 2D imager, HF/NFC/UHF RFID

PA692 - Rugged, fast & productive

Unitech’s PA692 series is a rugged mobile computer combining the latest 3.75G wireless communication and advanced performance to provide the best data communications in today’s aggressive business environment. The PA692 offers a host of data collection options and a comprehensive wireless communication platform, all in a compact, durable and ergonomic form factor.

Fast and durable 

Equipped with an industrial grade 1GHz processor and optional (Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional or Classic) operating system, makes the PA692 suitable for data-intensive applications in highly mobile environments. CE.NET/Windows® Embedded Compact mobile workers can easily accelerate their workflow with the Unitech PA692CE model. Benefit with extended features without the need to rewrite your applications.

Full connectivity

The PA692 provides multiple wireless communications that includes an integrated GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3.75G connectivity. The PA692’s external antenna for WWAN and WLAN ensures excellent wireless connectivity and performance. Mobile workers can easily access information and accelerate their workflow while they’re on the go.

All-in-one Functionality

PA692 offers an integrated 1D / 2D scanning capability, as well as a HF/NFC or UHF RFID reader/writer and GPS, combining multiple functions in one compact size. The PA692 provides convenient short-range reading capabilities for a variety of vertical applications such as asset management, ticketing, person identification and retail inventory management.

Accessories and options

The PA692 offers everything you’ll need to make the PA692 the ideal rugged handheld solution for your mobile workforce. The PA692 comes in various model and with a variety of accessories like communication and charging cradles, extended batteries, car kits, headsets and more.

Photo documentation made easy

The integrated digital camera (8 MP) features a high sensitivity level, auto focus and LED flash for reliable photographic documentation; even under poor lighting conditions.

Full-touch handheld for use in trade

The Casio IT-G400, a full-touch handheld with state-of-the-art Android operating system, opens up new fields of application in industry, trade, logistics and services. The device contains components that have already been proven to be top-class in handhelds used industrially.