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The terminal what most needed at your harshest warehouse

When you need to do intensive barcode scanning job with mobility at your harshest working environment, PM450 is the right product for you. Even though your consumers always seek for new and cutting-edge technology, your workers have been always selecting the product with the most convenient and user-friendly features to make their job easier and faster. PM450 definitely fulfills these controversial requirements but yet adopts latest technology of enterprise mobility trend for next decade.


Maximize power and speed with latest micro processor

Adopting latest Cortex A8 @ 1GHz processor from TI (Texas Instrument), PM450 will give you maximum power and speed for your field workforces to conduct any compli-cated job process in the field. PM450 has 512MB RAM memory and 1GB Flash ROM which is enough to run a variety of embedded applications.

Experience new convenience with new transformable keypad

With 2 different sets of keypad – 32 key Numeric/shifted Alpha & 56 key Full Alpha/Numeric, you will have utmost capability and ease of use at any applications. With Easy Swap function, switching keypad can be done in minutes at service depot.

Utmost rugged terminal but yet featured as enterprise mobile gadget

PM450 can survive 1.8m (6ft) multiple drop at any operating temperature and at any harsh environment with IP65 water/dust sealing. Moreover, just like the mobile handset on your hand, PM450 also features 3.9G HSPA+ WWAN, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless LAN and built-in assisted GPS as well as 5 Megapixel color camera

with LED flash in order to adapt on both inside- & outside-4-wall applications.


Truly multiple choices of your automatic data input

PM450 has mid-range 1D laser, standard range 1D / 2D imager and extra range 1D / 2D imager in order to be counted on any user application and its user tendency.

PM450 is designed for serving at as many vertical markets as possible: such as transportation, logistics, distribution centers, manufacturing, government, public sectors as so on. As it is truly everywhere survival product in your field, with PM450, you can count on your workers completely without any error input or delay. Moreover, you can completely drop off hassles with less down time and low total cost ownership.