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Fingerprint recognition

 VF550 iBio is a biometric, capable of verifying user identity in various fields through fingerprint recognition.

Slim & Sleek Design

VF550 iBio, Its smartphone-like exterior and Android UI allow anyone to use it easily. Its light weight reduces your fatigue during work.

Ultimate Performance for Enterprise

VF550 iBio is optimized for your work at enterprises based on built-in barcode reader and waterproof/dustproof ratings. Its dual-action side scan triggers enable you to conveniently scan a barcode. User can use the product for various usages including PTT hot-key.

High-Capacity Smart Battery, Power for Hours

With 4000mAh battery, VF550 iBio has advantages on running times with using enterprise-oriented application requiring more power because PowerManager™, one of Bluebird BOS™ Solutions, helps you use battery in a smart way.