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Handheld Technologies Ireland has decades of expertise in a wide range of industries, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions and services, customised products for specific user environments that help our customers to grow and succeed in their business.


From Field Force to Sales Force Handheld Technologies Ireland gives you access to real-time information about deliveries and enables you to efficiently communicate with drivers to address new customer requests or changes. Mobile technology equips your drivers to more effectively interact with customers and respond to their requests, process orders, and accept payments in the field, with a positive impact on order accuracy, delivery time, and sales.

Improve Quality and Control: Cut down labor costs, minimize inventory overstocks, and increase order accuracy and speed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Automate and Streamline Distribution: Streamline your operation by replacing paper-based systems with mobile systems that provide wireless access to information.                                                                                                                                                              Excel in Customer Service: Don’t just meet customers’ expectations, exceed them. Use mobile technology as a key differentiator that makes you a winner in customer service.

Pickup & Delivery

Use real-time data to manage your shipment and provide reliable communication on the move. You want mail and cargo picked up and delivered with precision from dock to door.  Customise your shipment to your needs with the solution for route optimization from Handheld Technologies. Scan packages, speed delivery times, record deliveries, capture signatures , and ensure proof of delivery. With Handheld Technologies Ireland solutions, you can easily inform drivers about a new delivery destination and change in route.

Inventory Management

Handheld Technologies' inventory management solution provides organizations with planning and execution strategies, enabling them to achieve superior service levels and raise profits. To provide better service to customers and run a profitable business, organizations need to maintain accurate information on the movement of all items and inventory of products.

Our goal is to help you manage a multi-facility warehouse operation? cut down on manual data entry costs, minimize your inventory overstocks and increase efficiency in your supply chain with real-time access. Maintain dynamic stock levels that meet the demands of your consumption.

Forklift Management

Give your lift machine drivers Handheld Technologies Ireland mobile computers to extend their mobile coverage and help with their operation with management applications. In providing better technology to your lift machine drivers, we developed industrial tablets that can be mounted in vehicles.

Our wide range of mobile computers are rugged and fully loaded with many applications and tools to meet your operational demands. Your drivers can maintain accurate information on the movement of all items, track and monitor inbound shipments and update information in real-time with powerful network connections.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Interact more effectively with customers and drive incremental sales by using real-time data. With Handheld Technologies Ireland’s mobile computers, your workers have on-site access to the pricing, promotion and product availability data they need, while delivering from the distribution centre to the store.

You can monitor on-route performance to ensure your route staff is doing what you want, where, and when you want. Grow customer bases and respond effectively to customer requests by performing pre-sales, sales and route accounting activities.

Mobile Payment Terminal

High-speed connectivity and data needs of customers and associates are constantly growing. Provide fast and reliable shopping experiences using a variety of payment methods and give optimal customer satisfaction. Quick, secure communications systems and real-time payment are expected by customers at all times. We have made a bold move in making convenient solutions to give your customers a fast, reliable wireless experience. Easy and secure connectivity makes complex payment environments better. Handheld Technologies Ireland’s mobile payment terminal is deliberately designed, using the best high-quality materials for ruggedness it is truly one-of-a-kind.

Packing and Staging

Ensure safe handling and delivery of all items with accurate data managing programs with our wide range of mobile computers. It is very important to pack and stage items correctly, before shipping goods. With advanced RFID solutions, your workers will be able to scan all items in a single place, arranging them by type, manufacturer, or specifications. We ensure you the highest level of accuracy in task performance with these tools.

RFID Transportation Solutions

Improve efficiencies for loading, tracking and delivery of cargo by handling goods with RFID scanning. By using Handheld Technologies Ireland’s RFID solution, you can reduce time spent on collecting data, and increase management efficiency for large quantity items. With an RFID scanner, you can increase the quality, speed, and accuracy of information that accompanies every product. Enhance the visibility of goods in motion and transport mass orders more efficiently.

Fleet Management

Handheld Technologies Ireland’s mobile computers have access to excellent fleet management applications. Handheld Technologies Ireland’s tools will help you guide all your fleets to efficiently reach their destination by monitoring their fuel consumption, keeping up to date with vehicle status, and giving reliable communication between employees to drive productivity right to the top.

Device & Asset Management
Decrease downtime and increase optimal resource allocation by enabling technicians to monitor, diagnose and resolve equipment issues. Make more informed business decisions with a powerful and flexible hardware solution from Handheld Technologies Ireland. Empower technicians to track and secure equipment and other assets on the move with Handheld Technologies Ireland’s mobile computers. With various tracking tools, you can monitor the activities of high-value assets including identity, time, date and place of movement.


The retail landscape is going through a radical transformation. While shopping experiences are seamlessly integrated through mobility, operating in real-time across all shopping channels with streamlined workflows has become a key consideration for retailers. Handheld Technologies Ireland’s solutions let you impress customers with product knowledge, well-stocked shelves, and fast checkout. With real-time inventory and product information at your employees’ fingertips and the ability to process payments on a mobile device, customers will enjoy personalized service and less wait time.

Our advanced solutions, with technologies developed from an accumulation of hands-on experience for years, are the ultimate enabler to simplify complex retail businesses.

Customer Engagement & Sales

In the retail world where customer service can directly impact sales, there needs to be a high emphasis on strategies to enhance the way you engage with your customers. With the help of our mobile devices, you can incorporate engagement tactics that eliminate the need to relocate or move out of the customer’s sight to accomplish a task.  Our wide range of mobile devices offers solutions that can cover each level of customer engagement from initiation to payment, so your workers can be present 100% of the time while fulfilling their inquiries. 

By spending less time on executing tasks, you can invest more in meeting their satisfaction and create more opportunities to make a sale.

Mobile Point-of-Sale 

Handheld Technologies Ireland’s devices are well suited for all payment needs of your store. Supporting swiping, inserting, and tapping payment, these devices offer all-inclusive payment options while letting your workers be mobile inside the store. When not checking items for payment, your workers can use the handy devices for inventory management and engage customers with daily deals and promotions. Our mobile devices are fully loaded with features that include: all payment methods (MSR, ICC, and contactless), an open platform, Linux with QT and comprehensive SDK(software developer kit) for business applications that are all wrapped in one single device to ensure safe transactions and industrial grade ruggedness for fighting off the wear and tear of harsh environments. Designed with portability, Our devices are comparatively lighter than other brands. 

They are made with an ergonomic design for comfort and the wide range of accessory options are guaranteed to cover for your unique operational needs of the store.

POS & Counter Management
Our retail solution is primarily based on the commitment to customer satisfaction and associate productivity. Replace your front desk computers with our rugged tablet line of products and experience seamless payment and a variety of applications to manage customer data.  These devices support all known payment methods including: swiping, inserting, and tapping payments. Additionally, POS and ERP interwork allows your employees to check pricing and product availability on the spot. Expedite checkouts and create loyal customers with comprehensive management applications.
Merchandising & Inventory Management As a retailer, it is very important to keep your items stocked so your customers can have an optimal shopping experience. By using our mobile devices, you can have access to the database. You can track, manage and forecast product demands to give appropriate supply and maximize your revenue. Furthermore, our mobile computers have printing capabilities, so your associates can replace broken labels and renew old labels with the latest pricing.
Warehouse/Storage Management
Enable workers to access your business data everywhere inside the store and optimize the movement of inventory? including the people and material handling equipment that is required to move it. For Omni-channel retailers, we span a robust functional spectrum from inventory visibility and multi-level holds to quality assurance. Through these, you will be able to increase staff productivity and inventory accuracy, exceeding your customer’s expectations with real-time visibility, data processing, mobility and efficient PTT (push to talk). On top of that, customers will remember your business’ identity anywhere they go on and off the app. The most flexible distribution operation is possible when fulfilled to consumers.
Customer Self-Service
Invite your customers into your store by introducing new ways to access information. Customer self-service allows shoppers to interact with the business and perform service tasks at their convenience. Viewing promotions, price checks, searching item locations and making self-checkouts are all possible with our devices. These payment options support: swiping, inserting and tapping payments. Field Service There are many ways in how a delivery service depends on technology for every step of their job, and we Handheld Technologies Ireland want to be there for the whole process. 
Retailers can make use of our advanced data-capturing devices to upload their deliveries into the database. By calculating remaining deliveries as opposed to the amount delivered, they can keep an accurate range of stocks for better investment of resources. The persistent connection to the department network will allow you to make direct store delivery, and let you efficiently supervise your workers. With the help of business applications, you can view and manage all ongoing tasks and make effective decisions with full visibility on the field service operation. Finally, all these features are jam-packed in our slim but industry-rugged mobile terminals, so you don’t have to carry additional gadgets out to the field.
Device & Asset Management
Make more informed business decisions with a powerful and flexible solution from Handheld Technologies Ireland. Empower technicians to track and secure equipment and other assets on the move with our rugged and smart mobile computers. With various tracking tools, you can monitor the activities of high-value assets including identity, time, date and place of movement.


Improving Efficiency and the Quality of Care

Handheld Technologies Ireland delivers tools for staff collaboration, administration, and patient identification, which enhance patient safety while improving the productivity of staff members. These tools also enable tracking of your assets and more efficient use of resources. Our wide range of mobile solutions enables physicians and nurses to spend more time at the patient’s bedside rather than in front of a computer.

Positive Patient ID

Equip your nurses and caregivers with our devices and let them gain control of every situation. From scanning Patient IDs to viewing their information and history, our solution offers great management methods to secure your healthcare establishment. Our wide range of devices have advanced data-capturing modules to streamline all your patient ID authentication processes. Tag patient IDs through popular wristband authentication, or search their information on the collective database to view their history right on your device. Get updated data straight from the database with our persistent connection to the department network.

Bring convenience and safety for your patients as you take advantage of our positive patient ID solution.

Medication Administration

Our healthcare solution brings various tools and solutions to help your caregivers. Administer the right medication to your patients with accuracy and convenience with comprehensive solutions that oversee every step of the medical procedure. Our advanced healthcare solutions will equip your caregivers with tools and solutions for accurate planning and administration instructions to aid in a patient’s recovery. Offer total patient care by adopting our solution to view patient information, gather medication outline to diagnose possible symptoms and examine administration history.

Outpatient Management

Our healthcare solution provides comprehensive strategies for managing outpatients and gives customized solutions to meet your unique operational needs. To extend your services for those who don’t require facility care, we have designed tools for a variety of treatment functions. Our outpatient management solutions can give caregivers tools to make their operation easier and your patients will thank you for upholding the same level of service inside and outside the facility. Our solutions can help you with patient status reports, outpatients’ medical costs and schedule handling. You can access your hospital records and list of patients at any time letting you record important information and manipulate data.

Staff  Communication

Handheld Technologies Ireland provides the best mobile communication devices with exceptional network connectivity. Make use of our advanced voice communication (3/4G) and PTT (IP network and ultra-fast Wi-Fi) for your transmissions to bring your caregivers all on the same page. In areas where staff communication is the key to successful operations, our wide range of mobile devices provides excellent indoor and outdoor communication to keep your staff on the same track. Along with exceptional network connectivity, our devices provide clear voice communication with effective noise canceling. Also, they provide One-to-One and One-to-Multiple communication equipped with the PTT component in the facility. Make use of Real-Time voice transmissions for giving orders, reporting emergencies, and reporting check-ups with patients.

Staff ID Management   

Increase security and convenience by using our mobile devices. Gain easy access to comprehensive data to authenticate your staff’s ID efficiently. Our mobile devices can provide you with secure and convenient ways to authenticate your medical staff. Handheld Technologies Ireland mobile medical devices are equipped with advanced sensors for imaging solutions, providing fingerprint scanning tools that can gather numerous and complex information efficiently. Our Staff ID management solution can deliver efficient methods to fulfill varying responsibilities and reduce possible mishandling by providing effective medical equipment access.

Reception Management

Acquire Handheld Technologies Ireland’s leading products to serve your healthcare facility with the best front desk management tools. From patient prescription handling to interviews, inventory management, and final payment, Our solution can cover it all and more to deliver great service.

To meet your various healthcare reception demands, Handheld Technologies Ireland has developed solutions fine-tuned for facility visitors including various payment, prescription management, patient scheduling, and medical inventory management. Along with managing patients’ history, medical staff can streamline medical costs calculating for final payment management, schedule appointments, and taking care of inventory assets. You can finish a transaction using various payment method options including (MSR, IC, and contactless). With our effective reception management, your medical staff can increase both customer satisfaction and operating productivity.

Mobile Specimen Collection

Our solutions will help you manage various laboratory specimens by giving you suitable solutions to trace the full life cycle of a discrete specimen to offer a high-quality testing environment for your laboratory researchers. In ensuring safety for your laboratories, Handheld Technologies Ireland has designed solutions to help you track your specimens from creation or receipt to final disposal. Incorporate our solution to view and record the origin, packaging time, and handling conditions and use history for a better holistic outlook. Furthermore, our mobile devices are well adopted in handling all manner of data collection and you can customize the solutions to gain full control over managing specimens in your laboratory.

Patient Bedside Care

Our healthcare solutions are here to offer patients reliable mobile point-of-care devices and management solutions that can give patients medical information and streamline a caregiver’s operation procedure. After studying how caregivers operate in their facility, Handheld Technologies Ireland has developed tools that aid in their various procedures. Our devices deliver the availability of a tablet computer that connects patients to their medical records and helps teach patients and their families about disease and treatment. Those include information about the patient’s diagnosis, lab results and medications in their beds. Also, it allows convenient communication between the treatment team and patients. With instant data transmissions, you can ease your patient’s concerns with direct patient-to-nurse communication, while enabling your caregivers to enhance patient care and attend to other matters at hand.

Pharmacy Management

Utilize our efficient devices to manage your drugs and medication and deliver accurate patient prescriptions. Many of our mobile devices are well-known for the role of all-around tracking/management medical tools. Additionally, Handheld Technologies Ireland can provide software support suited to initializing and troubleshooting the application deployed in pharmacy management. Our advanced mobile scanning solutions give comprehensive details to ensure the correct dosage. They also give information on inventory status that updates in real-time. Make use of our smart tools to instantly enter data and manage the status of the order with access to the central facility database. 

Laboratory Management

Stay on top of your laboratory operation with our healthcare solutions to aid in clinical trials, recording test results and raw material inventory management. Streamline workflow and reduce errors by tracking all information of medication inventory status. Keep up-to-date all the on-goings of your operation in your laboratory. 

Track where the clinical material was last used, its usage duration and for what purpose it was used for. Furthermore, your lab researchers can record their trials and test results into our devices to analyse data and plan propositions. Minimize vague information and bring your laboratories research productivity with Handheld Technologies Ireland’s solutions.   


Choose Handheld Technologies Ireland’s solution. With the right strategy to make the most of the revenue-enhancing potential of sales, our devices will meet your passengers’ various demands and your business’ unique operational needs.

Real-Time Traceability and Communication

Handheld Technologies Ireland gives you access to real-time information about shipments and the fleet’s performance. It enables you to be proactive and respond faster to customer requests and problems. Mobile technology empowers drivers to share customer information, and process orders and payments with a positive impact on accuracy, delivery time, and cash flow.  

Mobile Ticketing

Handheld Technologies Ireland’s mobile ticketing solution allows instant ticket purchase and validation on the spot. Handheld Technologies proudly presents you with a smart mobile ticketing solution that gives benefits such as instant reporting and faster payments without needing to resort to stationary ticket vending machines and heavy-duty scanning equipment. This means that waiting in line for tickets is a thing of the past for customers while agencies can drastically reduce the cost of their operations. Optimize your operation by validating customer’s tickets on mobile computers and raise your data capturing capacity.

Ticket Validation

Bring Handheld Technologies Ireland’s comprehensive solutions into your ticketing practice and receive greater security and applications to manage your customers. Streamline the ticketing process for you and your customers by using our ticket validation solutions. May it be for validating tickets in a concert or a theme park; Our mobile computers got you covered with advanced data capturing tools and applications for tracking data. Every ticket validated will enter into the database, letting you analyse quantity and demand for more accurate resource planning for your company. You can also view how many times people have accessed a specific service, allowing you to better analyse supply and demand. Gain control of all operations and practice stricter security with our smart ticket validation solution.

 On Board Sales

With our devices, your cabin crew can offer customers convenient ways to handle transactions and various management tools to track resources for better planning and resolution. May it be on railways, in an airline, bus or ferry, you can offer your passengers world-class service by providing all-inclusive payment options and comprehensive applications to manage your resources. Choose Handheld Technologies Ireland’s solution. With the right strategy to make the most of the revenue-enhancing potential of sales, our devices will meet your passengers’ various demands and your business’ unique operational needs.

In-Flight Sales

With Handheld Technologies Ireland’s devices, your flight crew can offer their customers convenient ways to handle transactions and various management tools to track resources for better planning and resolution. You can offer your passengers world-class service by providing all-inclusive payment options and comprehensive applications to manage your resources.